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In-Person Classes

Experience the rejuvenating power of yoga at Modern Yoga Scottsdale with my weekly yoga classes, where you'll find a welcoming space to strengthen your practice and nurture your well-being.

Tuesdays: Noon and 6 PM

Thursdays: Noon and 6 PM

Sundays: 4 PM

Courtney Fox Modern Yoga Scottsdale

Student Testimonials

Paige A.

Thank you for class! It was honestly the first time I've been able to turn my brain off and just BE in a very long time. You're amazing!

Liz O.

"It's amazing how you bring positvity everyday and help others find joy within their practice."

Mary S.

"Just when I think I know what I am in for with your class, you impress the heck out of me even more and outdo yourself. Phenomenal class this evening! Thank you!"
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