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Shakti Yoga

Silver & Sage jewelry offers a connection to your personal story. Each piece is as much personal talisman as it is beautiful jewelry. Whether through the properties of natural stones, or the symbolism of a charm, the moment a piece resonates with you, it becomes profoundly meaningful. Wherever you are on your journey, Silver & Sage will inspire you- to keep seeking, loving, hoping, embracing and living authentically in everything you do.

“I love the sincerity of this brand. When you pick out your jewelry, you can feel the love that goes into each piece. The natural stones have their own individual meaning for whatever energy you need more of that day. My collection of malas and earrings keeps me grounded and inspired.”

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"Open your heart and grow like a lotus", is our motto. For us, it embodies the essence of the yoga teaching: to embrace life with acceptance and poise, no matter the situation.  We’re not just a brand, but a way of living, loving and becoming. Founder Jessyca Heinen-Collesei with more than 23 years of experience wanted to develop a high quality, super resistant yoga wheel that was light weight, extra strong, and eco-friendly. THE SHAKTI YOGA WHEEL was born.


"I am always searching for ways to deepen my own practice, so I decided to take a Shakti Yoga Wheel workshop and fell in love with the wheel! It has been a helpful tool in opening up my shoulders for backbends and inspires me to try new poses that may not always be accessible. It's a fun way for me to work on alignment and play with unique balancing postures." 

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Ujjayi is a Yoga Lifestyle Brand. Every product, from inception to delivery, is hand-crafted in Los Angeles; tested (and approved) by yogis. If you love organic and all-natural products, we are the brand for you!

“I have been searching for a brand like this that is all-natural and made with love, for yogis! "Ujjayi" is the breath we use in our yoga practice. Ujjayi helps us connect to our life source and the ingredients help our skin soak up nature's beauty! The tooth powder, chakra spray, and lip balm are some of my favorites.” 


“We grow nutraceutical grade produce for our members bringing the role of medicine back to the food system. We are optimal anywhere, local everywhere. Our goal is to grow real, better than organic produce for our local communities and provide a resource base of information and education pertaining to sustainability, modern agriculture, and health and wellness.”

Courtney is always looking for ways to enhance her healthy lifestyle. BAMBOX has been the perfect addition to her weekly routine. “I love sharing the salads with my clients and the micro greens are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up in between classes!”


The Churchill is home to ten small local businesses, mixing established operators with start-up entrepreneurs. At the heart of The Churchill is a 9,000 square foot courtyard intended for dining, drinking, socializing and learning. The space will be activated with curated speakers, art’s classes, fitness classes, sport’s viewing and pop up artist galleries.

Courtney is excited to be teaching monthly, complimentary yoga classes at the Churchill! Each month we will donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. We can’t wait to share this space with you, do some yoga, and make a difference in our community.


Lululemon is yoga at it's core. They recognize yoga and meditation as powerful tools to create individual well-being and build greater health, resilience, and community for all—regardless where you’re starting from or what life has thrown your way.

Courtney is honored to be one of lululemon's newest ambassadors. Her home store is Scottsdale Fashion Square and she looks forward to amplifying yoga in and around the lulu community. She will be teaching free community classes in-store and at various events around The Valley. Keep an eye out for upcoming yoga projects! 

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